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The North County Republican Club (NCRC) was founded in 1991. Originally, it had been the Town Neck Hundred Republican Women’s Club. When women started to go back into the work force, they lost most of their members. Faith Loudon was President at the time. Doug Arnold was a member of the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee at the time and wanted to build the party in District 31 and in the northern county. He talked to Faith about starting a club again and in the fall of 1991, the North County Republican Club had their first meeting at Berger’s Restaurant on Mountain Road in Pasadena.

Robert Neall, the County Executive, was the guest speaker at the first meeting. Approximately 80 people attended this first meeting. It was the beginning of a great group of interesting people with the goal of making this peninsula a Republican majority and then moving up Ritchie Highway with the same goal.

There was a Steering Committee that wrote a set of By-Laws and a Nominating Committee for electing officers. The Steering Committee members were Mr. Nisser and Jane Nisser, Frank Halgas, Dave Blanch, Faith Loudon and Doug Arnold. Doug Arnold was the first President and Dave Blanch was the Vice President.

NCRC Mission

Working Together to Make a Difference

The NCRC was formed to ensure that residents of Northern Anne Arundel County were able to access their local electric officials and come together to support our county, state and federal candidates and elected officials.  The NCRC reaches their goal by:

  • Providing a forum for members to stay up to date with the Republican party's activities,
  • Collaborate with Candidate Campaigns,
  • Promote Awareness of the Republican Party and the Club to the community,
  • and providing the community with opportunities to have their voice heard by their elected officials.

Tim Hallihan

Bob Bauman

Liz Lawn

Susan Woolridge
Recording Secretary

Amy Leahy
Corresponding Secretary

Sue Deaver
Membership Chair

Alexander Fakeri

Norm O'Brien

Faith Loudon

Martin Refvem

We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month from January to June & September to November at:

Lake Shore Baptist Church
4613 Mountain Rd., Pasadena, MD. 21122

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